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** Latest News **

The Academy is proud and privileged to able to host a rare public Workshop to be given by Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu, 5th Generation Gatekeeper of Wu's style Tai Chi Chuan on May 24th, 2014.

The workshop is open to practitioners of all styles of Tai Chi Chuan, and is a rare opportunity to get an insight into Wu's style Tai Chi Chuan from one of its most authoritative practitioners. Click here for full details and on line booking.

The workshop is limited to 30 places, and there are only a few places left, booking closes on 9th May or when the limit has been reached whichever comes first.

Follow this link to read an interview given by Grandmaster Wu in 2010 to Rebecca Spargo, and subsequently published in Tai Chi Chuan Magazine.

Booking for the 2014 Residential Course is now open.

The course will be held at the Asha Center, Gloucestershire, August 23rd - 26th

Next eight week beginners' courses start 2nd & 3rd june

Free 'Taster' class Monday 19th May @ 6:30pm

Children's Tai Chi Classes return as from 26th February

Click here for further details

We are pleased to support the 25th anniversary celebrations of Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Bethnal Green who will be holding a special banquet and Tai Chi Chuan demonstration as part of their celebrations.

Click here to see further details and book tickets

The list of events for 2014 has now been published. click here to view the list

** Latest News **


Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Archway, is one of a number of Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academies located in various cities around the world dedicated to the promotion, practice and teaching of Wu's Style Tai Chi Chuan.

The Archway Academy is located at the Whittington Park Community Centre, Yerbury Road, N19 4RS.

The Academy offers a full syllabus of an authentic style of Tai Chi Chuan with clear lineage and well recorded history linked back to its origins in China over 150 years ago. Our classes are run for beginners, intermediates and advanced levels and we aim to offer the highest possible standard of service and tuition from a staff of dedicated instructors.

Our instructors have a combined experience of over eighty years training and teaching. In addition many of the Academy's senior members are disciple members of the Wu family.

At the Academy we are dedicated to keeping the art intact and alive for future generations by providing the highest quality Tai Chi Chuan teaching and practise in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

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Starting Tai Chi Chuan

There are as many reasons to take up Tai Chi Chuan as there are people. Although it is a martial art, most people come to Tai Chi Chuan for health reasons or as a form of non-strenuous, low impact exercise, not realising its martial roots. The exercises developed to create the art of Tai Chi Chuan, emphasise balance, coordination, mental focus, correct stretching, breathing and posture and are based on ideas found in Taoist philosophy. The benefits of Tai Chi Chuan practice are holistic i.e working on the whole person, not simply one aspect of development.

The beauty and brilliance of Tai Chi Chuan is that even if the student is not remotely interested in martial arts, the health benefits can still be gained from practising the exercises and forms. It is also a gateway into another culture and an alternative view of the world.

To see an example of our Tai Chi Form being practiced by members of the Academy visit the Video gallery page.

Joining the Academy

New members are always welcome and can join classes at any time. Alternatively complete beginners may wish to join one of our Eight Week Beginners Courses which allows the beginner to sample the art before making a further commitment to membership. The course is designed to give the beginner with no previous experience a systematic and thorough introduction to the art of Tai Chi Chuan. At the end of the course the novice will be invited to continue as a full member, being able to make an informed decision whether to continue or not based on the experience gained on the course.

Workshops, Demonstrations and Corporate events

We are happy to arrange demonstrations for your organisation or supply an instructor to provide a workshop or even regular classes with members of your organisation as part of a health at work scheme. For further details please Contact us. To view some reports and images of recent demonstrations or workshops click here

Master Wu Jien Chuan 2nd generation Wu Family Golden Cock Form

Master Wu Kwong Yu 5th Generation Wu Family - Golden Cock Form

Continuing the tradition -  Students at Archway - Golden Cock form

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