Instructor - Chris Curtis

Chris began teaching at the Academy in 2016 after successfully completing the Instructor's training course and passing the International Wu style Federation instructor certification exam.


I have been training and learning The Wu Tai Style Tai Chi Chuan since August 2013. I train at The Archway Academy in North London under Head Instructor Sifu Don Spargo. After completing the eight week beginners course I decided that I'd like to learn more about this fascinating martial art so I joined the Club.

I was graded and moved from The Beginners to The Intermediate Level in 2014. I train regularly on Monday and Wednesday evenings, where I learn and practice the 108 and 54 forms, applications of the forms ,as well as fixed feet and moving step push hands. I'm currently learning The 108 Sabre Form, and two-person Sparring Forms.

What I really enjoy about this style is there is so much to learn.

I was very impressed by a four-day workshop given in 2016 at the Archway Academy by Sifu Wu Kwong Yu. It was the first of his workshops I have been to. I was also honoured to be asked to train as an Instructor and to be able to teach at the Beginners Level.

I am currently self-employed, and a licensed Market Trader where I frame and sell old historical photographs/maps and prints of London. I also sell football memorabilia. I have set up a Blog: in which I interview people passing through Chapel Market, who pass on their interesting experiences of the area.

I have Level's 2 and 3 Integrative Counselling Certificates, and am also a holder of an S.I.A Badge.

Chris Curtis

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