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The following announcement was made on our Facebook page on Tuesday 17th March:

It is with a deep sense of regret that we have to announce that as from Wednesday 18th March all classes and courses at the Academy will be suspended until at least the end of April. At that time we will take a view whether or not it is safe to reopen and make another announcement. However we shall reopen at some point in the not too distant future.

This is the first time in 16 years that the academy has been closed other than for bank holidays and the annual Christmas closure, but given the dangers from the Coronavirus pandemic we feel that it is the right course of action to help mitigate the spread of the virus amongst members of the Academy.

During the period of isolation and reduced socialisation remember to keep practicing your Tai Chi Chuan to help keep up your spirits and maintain your health. Hopefully when the weather is better and the sun is shining we’ll all meet up again.

Recent Workshops with Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu

The Archway Academy was pleased to play host to Grandmaster Wu for 12 days in June, during which time he had a very busy schedule of teaching members from Archway and other Wu style academies and training centres, both from Britain and continental Europe.

Workshop in Paris

After his arrival on June 1st Sifu travelled to Paris on June 2nd with Archway Academy Chief Instructor Don Spargo and Toronto Academy Director Jonathon Krehm, where Sifu gave a 7 hour workshop to 30+ people. The workshop in Paris was held on June 3rd at the Dojo-Ecole de L'est Parisien in rue Pelleport in the 19th arrondisment . The workshop was very well received by the participants with much enthusiasm for the applications and detailed correction of forms.

Sifu Wu demonstrating Wave Hands Like Cloud form

Sifu Wu demonstrating application of Wave Hands Like Cloud form with Jonathon Krehm

Workshops in London

On Sunday 5th June Sifu attended the London Tai Chi Chuan competition run by the Bethnal Green Academy to deliver a short workshop for the children participating in the event and to hand out medals and certificates. The rest of the week was to be taken up with teaching at the Archway academy.

In the past Sifu's workshops have been held over the course of a Bank Holiday Weekend, and were usually about 6 hours long. This year we decided to change the pattern to four successive evenings of 2 hour classes. This put less of a learning load on the students and less of a teaching load on Grandmaster Wu.

It also meant that each successive session reinforced the previous one, so that Sifu was able to concentrate on just a few themes and principles in depth. The theme for the sessions overall was about understanding Jing, how to develop it and how to express it in the Forms.

Marcos, Chris & Dave enjoying a break during the workshop

Sifu Demonstrating an application to the participants in the workshop

Sifu addressing the participants in the workshop

Dionisis & Zorica applying lock in Strike fist to back form

The week of teaching finished on friday 10th with a disciples workshop at the archway Academy attended by 24 of his disciples in England and Wales. The workshop focussed on the internal aspects of the form and how to mobilise Qi (Chi) with the mind, and then use the Qi to move the body.

Disciples Workshop Group 2016

The workshop was followed by what has become the traditional Fish and Chips supper at Toffs in Muswell Hill. The meal this time was a little special. During the interval before the food arrived Don Spargo took the opportunity to present Sifu Wu with two birthday gifts, for his 70th birthday in July. The first was an album of photos and written recollections from his U.K. disciples, and the second was an engraved Silver platter. Sifu was both very surprised by, and very appreciative of the gifts.

New Wu Style Instructors 2016

On Friday 22nd July 2016, three Academy members who had attended the Instructors course successfully underwent their certification exams and subsequent certification. The external examiner for the exam was Neville Cote from the Brixton Training Center. Each exam lasted just over an hour.

Chris Curtis receiving his certificate from Chief Instructor Don Spargo

Gillian Goodchild receiving her certificate from Chief Instructor Don Spargo

Kieran Gibb receiving his certificate from Chief Instructor Don Spargo

New Wu Style Instructors 2015

On Saturday 22nd August 2015 three instructors came to the Academy for assessment for certification as Wu's style Tai Chi Chuan Instructors recognised by the international Wu's Style Tai Chi Chuan federation. They were Andy Petch (left) from the Brixton Training centre, London, Dan O'Grady and Laurence Thomas from the South Wales training centre.

The exams were all oral exams, and each instructor was questioned about their knowledge of form, applications, exercises as well as history and theory relating to Wu's style Tai Chi Chuan for about an hour. Not only did they have to demonstrate their competence in playing the form and answering questions about it, but were required to demonstrate their teaching technique and approach to teaching of Wu's style Tai Chi Chuan. The candidates were accompanied by their instructor, Neville Cote from Brixton and Mark Langweiler from South Wales.

Fortunately all candidates were of a suitable standard, and able to be certified with the international Wu's style Tai Chi Chuan Federation, so Congratulations to all of them.

Andy Petch from the Brixton Training centre with Don Spargo, Archway Academy Chief Instructor and assessor

Dan O'Grady from the South Wales Training centre with Don Spargo, Archway Academy Chief Instructor and assessor

Laurence Thomas from the South Wales Training centre with Don Spargo, Archway Academy Chief Instructor and assessor

Gold! Gold! Gold! Competition success for Juniors

We're pleased to announce that two of our members from the Children's class, brothers Mujahid and Junayde Guven, did extremely well in the the Tai Chi Chuan section of the 4th kung fu world championship in Beijing as Part of the 5th wushu cultural exchange organised and hosted by The Beijing Shaolin WuShu School

Junayde took Gold in the Form competition (for his age category) and Mujahid took Gold in both the Form and the Push hands competitions. This comes on top of their successes in the London Tai Chi Chuan competition held in June the same year.

In the London Competition Junayde took Joint Silver in the Junior Mixed style hand form - Beginner, and Mujahid took Gold in the Junior Mixed style hand form - Intermediate and Gold in both the Junior Lightweight Male Fixed Feet and moving step Push Hands.

Grading News

Our congratulations to Chris Curtis who graduated from intermediate to senior level on Wednesday 12th March 2020

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